Room In Progress

When I purchased my home this was an empty room, I only had furniture for my bedroom, a couple lamps and floor cushions (my aunts called them “butt pillows”) for the living room.  Then this room became my friend Sariah’s bedroom, then a spare room, then my sister Saffron’s room, again a spare room, then a storage room, a kitty & craft & take to Goodwill room, and now it is slowly becoming my office.  I’m so excited about it and there is so much potential!  We’ll see how far I get in the next couple of weeks.   


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2 responses to “Room In Progress

  • Brian

    Looking so great! Such an inviting office. You sure don’t waste any time! Now if only I could get my home office to look like that.

  • Sis

    Cool decor! I am proud of you for having gotten your own house so young. And making your man move to it too 🙂

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