Honoring the Past

April 15th I interviewed Florence for one of my finals at University of Southern California’s Master of Social Work program. Today I walked past the Eugene Memorial, honoring Florence and thousands of others.

Florence's family crest

One of three rocks describing the internment camp experience

Florence spoke of wearing her family's number, and the heartache of figuring out what to pack - not knowing where they were going.

This memorial is outside of the Eugene Hult Center. Humbling...beautiful...painful.


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3 responses to “Honoring the Past

  • Baldr Odinson

    It’s a beautiful memorial. I’m proud to live in a community which learns from our past instead of hiding it.

  • Colette

    I’ve been down there, and have walked through it, but don’t recall seeing the girl on the suitcases. I’ll have to go there again. Maybe that’s new….

  • Barbara Date'

    Yes, the girl on the suitcases was added a wee bit later because of some technical difficulties. One was allowed to only take one suitcase per person (so a challenge).

    Yes, I too, am comforted and inspired by our community’s commitment to justice and compassion.

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