Carl & Bev’s

Carl and Bev used to live here in Springfield, about a block and a half from one of the homes I lived in as a kid. Carl asked if I could get some shots of their dogwood.

The house is looking good too!


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2 responses to “Carl & Bev’s

  • Todd

    I missed your photos of my house (yes, we’ve lived here 11 years) while I was in Minnesota. Be sure to thank Carl and Bev for planting the dogwood. It’s even more spectacular today. Guess it loves sunshine and warmer temperatures!

    • jasminerose

      I can’t believe that’s your house (I remember thinking- I hope they don’t mind me stomping through their yard)!!! When we first moved from Modesto, California when I was a week 6 week old baby we moved in with my Aunt Gayle and Uncle Hal at 952 C Street. And then we moved into I think 1191 A Street, (it’s a blue house now, 2 story). Carl and Bev went to our church back then, and would watch us as kids (prior to having their own).

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