Monthly Archives: May 2011

Oregon Green

Seeking Harmony

The pendulum has been swinging this spring. Looking towards a week of endings and beginnings I am seeking harmony in all I do.

A Weekend Away

Spent the weekend at the Penter Parents’ house. So nice and quiet here. Today I took a picture of the bathroom that Jeremy’s Dad has been building during his retirement! I’m about to fold this bathroom up and take it home with me.

From May 29, 2011

Little Angels

“Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. The small pleasure was playing air hockey. Enjoying these two young ladies was a HUGE pleasure!
Forgot how much I miss these two together. Heart melts seeing them. Alana turned 9 today…sigh…please don’t let them be 16 yet!!! Sariah (Alana’s Momma) took this photo…my two half-daughters. So proud of them.

Turning The Corner

Turning the corner, in more ways than one. Today I am embracing the green (& the allergies)!

First Self Portrait

Okay this turned out nothing like I had pictured. I was trying to get a shot of the new chopsticks I got from my Best Woman. However, I’ve realized with this medium even things that aren’t what you imagined can turn into something more.

The Life of a Grad Student – Loki Loves Family Resilience

Here is the current research for my hardest final so far this year. Somehow I cannot convince Loki to help me out but he’ll pose alright.