Reflections on Thurston High School Shooting

Today’s photo is from May 1998. I’m promoting a blog I wrote for The Prevention Researcher, where I work. We publish a quarterly journal on adolescent development.

Updated 2/3/13:  I was asked to photograph an event that took place today at the First United Methodist Church where they welcomed a panel of speakers to talk about gun violence legislature and to talk to those who had questions they had about what they could do in response to the Newton Elementary School shooting.  The panel included Dr. John Alcott, Baldr Odinson, Mayor Kitty Piercy, and State Representative Nancy Nathanson.  People shared their experiences with gun violence from suicide, domestic violence, murder, and the Thurston High School shooting.  I was pleased to run into former high school teacher Saylor Smith who shared his experience saying, “It stays with you, no matter how much you wish it away.”


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