Monthly Archives: April 2011

Morning Walk

Walked 3.68 miles today! And now I’m tired 🙂 These beautiful flowers were sprinkled throughout our walk today.

Getting Through Friday!


Another rainy day here in Springfield, Oregon.

Blue Skies & Purple Flowers

Love the contrast of the sky and this flower.

Crescent Village

Today I had a massage in Crescent Village. This place almost seems like a slice of pie cut out from some other city. I like the colors, however I wish there was a little more diverse style. I know this is random but I’ve never seen a license plate like this! These homes surround Crescent Village. I like their design but I wish they varied in color.

Camera Purse

I’ve been on the hunt for a camera purse for over a month now. Everything is either too large, too small, or not my style. Oh, and I forgot, some are just way too expensive. The most reasonable camera purses I’d found were ones people made themselves. The purse I found today is made from recycled sports jackets!  The great thing about them is that they don’t look huge, and they fit my camera and wallet perfectly.  Even better is that they are made in Oregon.  If you’d like to check out the merchandise go here: Here’s the designer’s email address:

Flowers Make up for the Allergies

I have year long allergies, although they are definitely worse in the winter and spring. Good thing these flowers make up for them. All these flowers are from my front yard.