The Hunt

I really wanted to get photos of these wild finches today, they were feeding at the bird feeder at work but by the time I got my camera all that was out there were two huge crows. I did take their picture, however it turned out fuzzy. Went to the bank and these trees line the front of that building. They look so soft and fluffy.


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3 responses to “The Hunt

  • Ibraheem

    Okay, now you’re just showing off 🙂 LOL

    What type of camera are you using?

  • Ibraheem

    Oh, you have a nice camera… I bought a Canon Rebel T2i in February. Still learning how to use the darn thing lol. You have a very good eye for taking photos and I enjoy seeing what you post. As for a new lens, I’m in the same boat. I’m using the 17-58mm kit lens that came with the camera, but I’m hoping to buy a new one next Friday. What I really wish I had more of though is TIME..!! Oh, and better weather 🙂

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