Gun Violence

Yesterday I was finishing up a paper for graduate school (University of Southern California’s Master of Social Work Program- I’m in the first batch of virtual students).  I got to study a piece of legislature, the H.R. 227 Child Safety and Gun Control Prevention Act of 2011.  Spent a great deal of time on this over the past month or so and was thinking it was a shame yesterday that I didn’t get the opportunity to take a picture, and that I couldn’t take a picture of my paper I had worked so hard on!  Then today as I was on my way home from lunch, I thought- hey I could take a picture of the last part of the paper.  What the heck it worked, and very different from anything else I’ve done.  Although it doesn’t take any photography wizard to take a picture of a piece of paper 🙂

Update 3/27/11: Today I found out I got 99% on this paper, it made my day. However, I do have to say many more have been hurt or killed since I turned this paper in. As a matter of fact, a 4 year old shot himself in the face and died in Baltimore the day before I posted this photo. At the minimum we really need to pass requirements about keeping guns in gun safes. I say, we require guns be sold in a safe. Rest in peace little Tyshawn.


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