The Beginning of this Photoblog

I started taking a picture a day on 2/21/11, but didn’t think to start a blog until today. I’d started by posting the photos on Facebook but today I thought this might be fun to try out in blog form. Let me start with my first photo.

This buddha is in my backyard near a small fountain. He makes me smile every time I look at him, because he is so sincerely happy, joyful, and well I just want to get my dance on when I see him.

2/22/11: Northbank Properties is the office building I work in, which runs along a river in Eugene, Oregon. One of my goals is to be present when looking at the river at least once a day, I don’t want to take it for granted!

2/23/11: These beautiful flowers are from a tree near my office. I had been thinking about the signs of spring that have been popping up. Ironically it snowed the next day!

2/24/11: This was taken from our 3rd story balcony at work, the snow was coming down hard!

2/25/11: Miss Audrey and her pup Smash (who got himself a slice of pizza). Audrey has a special place in my heart, as I got to watch her older brother Taylor when she was born. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people who go to meet her. She is very independent and has a quiet smartness about her. I am enjoying watching her grow.

2/26/11: Brattain Elementary School has this great mural. I love finding murals that depict the cultural of the community.

2/27/11: This alley view is behind my Aunt and Uncles’ house. I was struck by how far I could see, and just had this sense of history- imagining all the people who have walked this path.

2/28/11: It was raining so hard this day that I couldn’t think of anything better than to take a picture of a raindrop. I laughed as I accidentally knocked the branch of the first drop I was trying to capture. This drop is on one of my favorite Japanese Maples, that sits in my front yard.

3/1/11: I love the smell of these flowers! They sit in my backyard and are one of the first flowers to bloom.

3/2/11: I got the idea that I should take a picture of all the journals I had contributed to as an editor since I started working here in 2006. I had no idea that it would be more than 20 issues (I just really hadn’t thought about it).


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