Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Hunt

I really wanted to get photos of these wild finches today, they were feeding at the bird feeder at work but by the time I got my camera all that was out there were two huge crows. I did take their picture, however it turned out fuzzy. Went to the bank and these trees line the front of that building. They look so soft and fluffy.

Just Can’t Get Enough

Maybe it’s because my first two names are flowers? I’ve been eyeballing these flowers for about two weeks now and finally stopped to take their picture today. I live right down the street from these pretty blossoms.

My Favorite Hobbies & Activities

Today I was struggling for a picture. I even took my camera with me to an alternative school where I gave a presentation and a business meeting downtown. I’m not sure if it was the continued gray and rain, or it was a really busy day so I didn’t have as much time to think about it. In any case on my way home it came to me.
Here are some of my favorite hobbies and activities: making blankets, knitting, watching movies, reading, writing (to journal, blog, or creative writing), drawing, taking pictures, playing with my phone (especially when I am traveling for some reason I get inspired to Tweet), to scrapbook, playing soccer (oddly I’m not a fan of watching unless I’m coaching), and listening to music. What I didn’t include is time with Jeremy, playing with our pets, traveling, spending time with my favorite people, girls nights, and board games.

Simply Gorgeous

Today I did walk into a random person’s yard. Had to catch these colors.


I had a haircut today so I grabbed my camera to take with me. There were so many opportunities for great pictures, and yet it wasn’t until I was leaving that I found a place where I felt welcome to bring out the camera. The first picture I wanted to take was at the make up counter, the lighting at Sephora was perfect and the colors bright. At the food court I found myself eyeballing a young teenager’s turquoise and silver purse, and on my way out of the store I saw a cute Asian toddler playing with her mom’s phone. As I was getting ready to pull out of the parking lot, I thought, these two buildings are perfect. Perfectly strange in their shape and what I hadn’t ever noticed before was how clear the reflections in those windows were.
Interestingly I found myself in all of these pictures except for that first one. I wonder what they see from inside this building?
Playing with black and white. You can see this building’s twin in the reflection.
As I drove away I found yet two more photo opportunities, but with driving I could not stop. One was of a temporary amusement park in the parking lot at Valley River Center. It seems so silly to me, in the season of wind and rain that they would be out here taunting us with their Ferris Wheels. And then under a bridge, the daily meeting amongst homeless passed before my eyes. All in an hour and a half. I feel very blessed to be watching the world through a different lens.

Treasures in Springfield, Oregon

Today I took a little drive prior to my grocery trip. After deciding against standing in someone’s yard to take more flower photos, I picked up a cinnamon latte at the Firehouse coffee stand, and I took a turn on the hill near my house. This was my first time to the Water Tower.
I got so excited up here, the houses are mostly enormous, with gorgeous views- I felt like I found a treasure. I hate to admit this but I’d never made it to the very top of this hill to this park, I didn’t even know it was there.
I love bridges. Makes me miss the opportunities I would have in Pittsburgh with its 700+ bridges over three rivers. This bridge connects Springfield and the little town of Glenwood.
This former mill town is so….. well the pictures speak for themselves.

The Eli Show

We got a surprise visit from Baby Eli today. Boy was he a hoot! This kid had out all the tricks from giggles, to arm and leg pumps, and rolling over to find his paper. Personally I loved the tongue trick.